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My spiritual home since I became an LFC supporter over 10 years ago. The club brought me to the city for the first time, but I can never seem to get enough. Be it the great restaurant scene, amazing pubs, the "Scouse not English" DIY mentality or the independent music scene. About every opportunity I get, I end up Liverpool. My fellow red Connor and I spent 4 nights where we were able to catch Newcastle and Porto at Anfield, and able to dive into the city.

The Baltic Triangle

Over a quarter of the world's trade passed through Liverpool in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Baltic Triangle is the northern port area that housed much of this commerce. Think large, imposing, red brick warehouses. In the years since WWII the area fell from grace, but it is being revived by the local bohemians. 

The Albert Docks

The Albert Docks were some of the most innovative structures in the 19th century. They were the first structures in Great Britain to be made of steel frames (instead of wood) - a huge deal at the time considering fires were a massive hazard - and housed some of the first hydraulic cranes. Bombed out in WWII, the docks have been restored and are recognized by UNESCO. Today they house upscale restaurants, apartments, bars and The Beatles museum among other things.


I spent a day meandering around the Ropewalks, an area that comes to life at night. It's the area that connects the city center to the Baltic Triangle mentioned above and is teeming with bars, awesome restaurants and a small Chinatown.

City Centre

The architecture in the city centre is second to none. You really get a sense of place when you are in Liverpool.


We ate some epic meals in Liverpool - honorable mention to Bakchich - but Mowgli was absolutely stellar. The theme is Indian home cooking served in Tiffins (small metal containers used to deliver lunch India) and it was executed perfectly. Even the building, an old converted bank, made for an elegant dining experience. 

 The Beatles Story

Heaven for any Beatles fan. Each room in the museum takes you through and era of The Beatles' career. It's located right on the end of The Albert Docks.

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