About Us


She is a first generation migrant, born in India and raised by the beaches of  Sydney, Australia. He is  the child of migrants, from windy Chicago, USA. They met at work in the Pacific North-West and after dating for a couple of years, decided to chuck it all in and go on an adventure.

We started Tsunami Season because we looked at a bunch of blogs and Insta-posts before embarking on our trip, and while they were beautiful, helpful or both, none of them were created by people that looked like us. When did only white people with six packs start traveling?

Travel is the most impactful way to change the lens by which you see the world. The color of your skin, the place where you come from, these are all crucial to framing that lens. That fact that we are brown, migrants or the child of migrants--these are things that inevitably influence how we see the world, how we travel through it, and how we decipher the stories that we stumble upon along the way. 

Tsunami Season isn't just beautiful pictures, though our pictures are our own shot on a Sony A6000. Instagram has enough of those and often, the focus is beautiful aesthetics, But that's not why we travel and that's not what the real world looks like. We hope to bring a different perspective.

In a world where people are increasingly wanting walls and exits, we want to want to bring the world alive for you, and inspire you to see it for yourself.

We are so excited you are joining us,

Ravi and Sari Tsunami